Thursday, December 02, 2010

The totoro project

A few years ago I was invited to participate in a charity show on the theme of totoro.
The proceeds of the show would serve to buy and save a portion of the forest on which the movie was based.
It was quite an extraordinary event because SO many incredibly talented artist from all over the world participated!


Rick Hess said...

Love the warmth and colors of this illustration.

Blom said...

I think that was an amazing project, the only thing was that they did not make a reprint of the book.

Great one you did for it Pascal!

Fi said...

What an awesome project idea. Beautiful atmospheric illustration, as usual.

Ruah Edelstein said...

Your work has a beautiful style and is atmospheric. A discovery for me, thank you for the inspiration and best wishes!

KAVI said...

You rock Pascal ! J'ai toujours dans ma memoire les superbes dessins que tu m'as montre , tellement frais et pleins de vie ! tes images sont toujours une source d'inspiration !

Samuel Silva said...

Awesome work!beautiful atmospheric and colors.

Rick Hess said...

Anyone know if Pascal has any art up from when he was just starting to draw? - Thanks

pascal said...

Thank you.

Blom... Gosh..I keep forgetting that we have been communicating for years now.

Ruah, Thank you so much quels dessins parles tu?
Merci en tout cas

Thank you Samuel

Rick...hahah you could just ask me!