Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Merry Xmas animation

This is an animation I did a few years ago, and thought it is now the BEST season to bring it out!
Here's a link to it


Lisa Tao said...

that is SO SO SO SO AWESOME!!!!
:D :D :D made me smile all the way through
love the funny dancing animals :D

JennySRP said...

weeeee! :D Happy Holidays!

Kenneth Tam said...

That is really neat, it totally captures the Christmas Spirit!
it totally got me into the Christmas mood~yeah!

pascal said...

Thank you !

Lady Garland said...

Adorable! This made my day! XD

KAVI said...

C'est bon !!! j'adore c'est super Fun , Merci de poster
tes anciens boulots d'anim = )