Friday, December 03, 2010


 This another old one.
It's funny how I can distinctly remember WHEN I did this, the mood I was in, and the environment I was in when I did it.I can do that with a lot of my images, not all of them, but quite a few

Do you guys feel like that too about some of your work?


Sutefeni said...

YES! I feel like that every so often. It's always a nice release to draw what you feel. I attempted to do that a few weeks ago xD *sigh*

dwilson said...

Pascal, I used to feel really guilty for not keeping a standard journal. But I realized looking back at my sketches, the same thing you did.

I can recall the whole day/event/feeling with greater clarity because I sketched at the time.

so true bro. keep on & merry christmas.

Glennard said...

I often listen to books when I illustrate. I've gone through old illustrations and thought, "Susan was the killer!?!"

Vishakh said...

Yes. I can even remember the exact song that I was listening to while doing detailing on a certain painting i was working on long time back. And even the mood, the time of the day.

John J Freeze said...

Not all, but some of my drawings remind me of the mood i was in at that time. Its kinda touching in a way when you see them and realise that you get so much more out of your own work

lol@Glennard. That really made me laugh!

just like vishakh, because im usually listening to music while i draw, i can often associate my drawings with a certain song.

Chrisnixon said...

Really nice man... I always enjoy a good start to the day checking in on your blog for some inspiration.
happy holidays!

pascal said...

Thanks guys.. that's really cool feedback!