Monday, February 25, 2008

A little sick, a little tired, a little blue

...just want to go back to bed.... zzzzzzzzzzz..


Chirs said...

Bummer dude, get some sleep! Love the sketch

Simon Scales said...

very very nice the weight of the character in this one - great colors as always!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pascal!

It's Nikki! Kaitlin's partner in crime! Man your drawings are soo cool I really dig your style. Are you going to the convention in San Diego? Kaitlin and I went to wondercon but didn't see you there =(. I just wanted to leave a comment here since I always look at your work so...Hallo!

pascal said...

Chirs.. thanks... I'm feeling MUCH better today!
Simon.. ah colors... (^_^)

I'm supposed to go to comic con. We got bumped off from the list and are on the waiting list for tables though, so that's a bit annoying.
I was at wondercon on Saturday, just walking around, I didn't have a table there. It was nice though.
It's SO SO nice of you to leave a message here! Thank you.

Breadwig said...

Dude, tell me about it. Great illustration.