Thursday, February 28, 2008

Another oldie but goodie

Another one that might be hard to guess for the American people, but.. all the Frenchie's out there and Canadians will surely recognize these three little adventurers....???

Ps.. this is an OLD drawing! I might just put up some old old ones for a bit Sorry about that!


Old Man Foltz said...

Mysterious Cities of Gold? Is that it?

pascal said...

Wait... where are you from?

Old Man Foltz said...

I'm from the US! The show ran on Nicklodeon for a short time. I don't think many people watched it, but it was very good, from what I remember.

But I don't know the character from the other post - the bird with the eggshell on his head.

pascal said...

Ah.. The other one was Calimero..a little chick that always thought it was just SO unfair!

Eli said...

I loved that show! They had the flying gold eagle for awhile right?

Anyhow, I really dig the yellow oval composition in this, and the action poses of your characters are always great.

bannister said...

oooh, pas mal du tout.
J'aime bien le côté un peu cartoon. Sympa comme tout.

ça me fait penser que j'ai commandé l'intégrale la semaine dernière en dvd, pour 4€. On ne se refuse rien.

Illustrator's Lounge said...

Mysterious Cities of Gold was amazing, we watched the whole series again recently, do you remember that there were aliens in it?

Anyway, your piece is great, really funny, love their little legs.


valerie said...

Esteban, Zia, Tao Les Cités d'or...
trop cool le dessin, c'est toute notre jeunesse... j'adorais!!

pascal said...

(^_^) Thanks guys!
Aliens.. Oh right! I'd forgotten about that.
Bannister. fais plaisir ca venant de ta part. 4 euros... pour toute la serie? ..heu.. c'est vraiment donner dis moi. Je vais essayer de me commander ca pour les states!

Valerie... C'est bobokop la?

Mike Laughead said...

I too saw this show on Nick (in the US) back when I was a kid. Was it a huge deal in France?

pascal said...

Hey Mike.
Oh yeah.. when I was a kid it was HUMONGOUS! My sister tells me her son, my little 5 year old nephew watches it now and LOVES it too.