Friday, December 21, 2007

Something like this and that

Gosh.. so much is happening these days, so much has happened this year...
I'll probably make a post in between Xmas and new year's to sum up this year, but, it was an amazing year!
This drawing started like this, then when like that, and now is this.
One of those!

Have a GREAT Friday, and a Merry Xmas!



Martin Hsu said...

gorgeous images in these past few days as always, buddy!

gonna be in SF from 28th to 2nd. hopefully crepe it up??

Eli said...

Nice one! I like the yellow and blue contrast, and that bear is pretty great!

Tor Harald said...

Fun, I like them, and the story that brought them together is a mysterious one. Hope you get a great Christmas!

pascal said...

Thanks Guys!

OH YEAH, definitely! Not the 28th though!

loufane said...

It's very beautiful! I would like to take a walk with them!
Valérie (Morency) talk to me about you and I just discover your blog yesterday!
I'll often come back!! I really like your work!