Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Blue Tuesday

Couldn't figure out a better name for it..
This is actually a mural I'm doing for a beautiful week and a half old new born boy.

for a larger version of it( in case anybody wants to take a closer look), here's a link

An interesting thing, technically, with this one. I did it almost all in flash.
I came to a point where Flash kept crashing on me( I counted 17 times on Sunday) because, I'm assuming, I had too many points. Especially on the Octopus part, which is why it's a lot barer than the rest.
I guess there are some limits to what flash can do.
I had to finish it up in photoshop, and that means, adding the light rays in the middle part. Not that I couldn't do that in flash on a regular drawing, but here, it just wouldn't take it anymore!


joonasjoonas said...

that's a really nice piece. And you managed to do most it in Flash! great! Flash does have a habit of crashing with huge files.

mike said...

woooow! that is going to be the coolest mural EVER!

Joe Karg said...

What a beauty. I love the middle section. The darks balance the piece so well.

Floriaan said...

I thought you did al your work in photoshop

Krystal said...

This would be fantastic as a series of strung together, fold-out postcards ^_^

Vee said...

Curious, why not do it in Adobe Illustrator?

pascal said...

Hey guys.
Thanks for the feedback!

Vee....Because I don't know how to use Illustrator.

The Boy said...
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RGartland said...

Really beautiful work! Quick question for a guy fairly new to graphic design software...Does Flash achieve similar results to Illustrator (i.e. vector art)? Just different programs?

pascal said...


From what I know about Illustrator, you can pretty much do the same thing AND MORE.
I've seen people do amazing things with illustrator.
The big difference is that flash is an animation tool , not an illustration one.
I just use flash because I tend to do a lot of animation as well.

RGartland said...


Kristian Antonelli said...

i just wish i could conjure such a beauty for my sons wall. i'm totally envious of your skills. this peice is spellbinding!