Monday, December 17, 2007

Keeping it in the same line of"keep it simple", here's a little Monday Sketch.
Cheers, and have a GREAT Day!


idle. said...

I assume that the fish shape of the island+boat intentional? Nice colors. I like it.

pascal said...

(^_^) Thanks IDle!
Ha... what do you think?

Spyder2580 said...

Once again amazing, Love the keep it simple concept for this sort of thing. Have you ever thought of recording a sketching session and posting the vid. It would be really fun to watch the whole process come together. Either way very cool, keep em coming.

pascal said...

(^_^) Thanks guys!
Yup, people have asked me before, but i've never gotten around to doing it!
Someday, maybe

abbeychase said...

one of my favorites, thanks for posting!