Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Nine artists that I really liked this year

 Nine artists that I really liked this year

Instead of showing nine of my works I figured I could show nine artists that I really enjoyed this year

I tried keeping it to smaller accounts but a few bigger one got in there.

Also.. I realized when I was doing this that I have probably over a hundred artists I liked a lot this year. And podcasts and painters, and writers... etc etc... so I might do more posts like this.

On top of that, I'd love love love to discover more artists. So please, share some of the ones you like, or even your own sites here! It's really just because I love discovering new art.


Julia Sarda Portabella.


I've known her work for a few years now but each time I see it I am transported. Her sense of design and the choice of colors shouldn't work together, but they do and they are so pleasing.

Raissa Figueroa


I discovered her work this year and it's just so charming. 

Each time I see this little mermaid It makes all soft on the inside.


 Daniel Torrent


Amazing line work. Just gorgeous control of shapes, beautiful use of colors.

Leo Espinosa


I don't know what else to say about his work. I've know his illustrations for years. Even met him once and he is just as kind and whimsical as his work( plus he loves biking, that's always a plus for me)

Jorge Gonzales


Art doesn't always have to be filled with bright colors to be amazing and touch deeply. Jorge's work is a great example of that. I fell in love with his work through a book called Dear Patagonia. So so atmospheric. One day, I'll do art as good as him... maybe.. probably not. Oh well.. I still admire it a lot.

Victoria Semykina.


The freedom of her shapes. It's hard to define. I try though. Each time I see one of her pieces it's like a slap to my creative mind. How does she do it? Not just the look, but also the themes. Her recent take on movies is just amazing


 Keith Negley


Keith does children books as well as editorial illustrations. I don't know him but his work speaks to me.

It's this weird mix of representational and abstract configurations that just says enough for you to know what it is and enough room to imagine the rest. Very powerful.


Lee Gatlin.


His work just makes me laugh

I don't know what else to say. Great art but, wow.. SO SO funny.

I see it, and I can't help it. I smile or I laugh out loud.

Rako Shirako


Just gorgeous art, the lightness of touch in her work just makes me go "WOAW"

I can hear the quiet in her images.



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