Thursday, November 28, 2019

Green eggs and Ham color keys episode 3

Green Eggs and Ham, color keys for Episode 3 ( some of them at least).
This one was directed by the tall and definitely very laid back Lawrence Gong and boarded by the affable Gio Cardenas, the incredibly gentle John Anderson and the enigmatic Jules Aguimatang!

I mention the board artist because ALL the colors keys I did were based off the boards they did. Once in a while I had to revise a shot but overall, we were trying to stick to what the boards were like for these keys.
In this sequence, the characters are transitioning from the happy Glursburg to the plains.( I made a map of the world at some point.. let me know if you want to see it! It's fun) I was trying to keep the light still bright and happy.
Funny things to note. The train, the cars , the insides, everything had to be correct in the sense that we had to have a design for it. I made up the colors and the light and some of the bushes, but overall, doing these keys was a lot like putting a puzzle together.
On one of the slides, in the train, you saw a slight pinkish character in the back. That was an orange character at first but we changed it so it resembled one of the library characters we had for the scene.
Even the shadows you see on the characters, and the highlights( like when they are falling in the canyon) had to be doable.
The reason for it was that we would then send these keys to the overseas studios( I love that word..overseas studios.. when I was a kid I would always hear people talk about overseas and think of something very exotic..but in this case, one of the studios was in France..funny since I grew up in France) and by looking at the keys they needed to be able to understand what background, library character, prop, lighting system and fx we were going for.
The keys were like a road map.
Clearly, it didn't work, but that was the plan.

We had so many changes along the way due to unforeseen circumstances, but it was a lot of fun to do.
Again.. that script ( Thanks Jared Stern for that) was amazing. The characters traveled and , except for Snerz's office, they never came back to the same spot. It was so exciting and challenging to create a new world at every stop ( and in between as well).

Oh..also.. this is just ONE sequence.
Again, I am finding these as I go along. The later episodes have some of my favorite keys because some of them resemble little paintings. I just have to find those...somewhere.

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Green Eggs and

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