Tuesday, September 04, 2018

It's just a week.

It's just a week.
This is another one I was trying to do all under an hour. Again, I failed. I did manage something in an hour and I am posting that in the comments but I spent another ten minutes noodling with lighting.
When I started doing sketches of the day I was doing everything in under an hour. I was very strict with myself. When I got into Photoshop I stopped doing that because I was trying to figure out how to use that software and I started doing sketches in TWO hours and sometimes a little more than that. What I found was that when I spent more time on them the images were not necessarily better...in some case, they were actually worse. I think it's because then I started focusing too much on details that don't matter ( in the big picture) or worse, I was becoming indecisive with my own art. And I really don't like that feeling.
SO.. here and there I am practicing being more direct with what I do and living with it...and I am realizing that it's harder than I thought.
It wasn't when I started drawing, but as I go along and I get more baggage technically, I have more options and choices... interesting to figure that out!

This second one is where I was at the one hour mark!

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