Thursday, January 21, 2016

Skips and stones.

Skips and stones.
-Man.. you really like skipping stones.
-I guess so.. my pop would do it with me a lot. It helps me think
-Yeah, I imagine he’s here with me and I make up conversations in my head with him.
-You guys got along really well hu?
-The funny thing is that we did not. We loved each other, but we’d get on each others nerves a lot when we were together.
-I guess that means you guys really cared about one another.
-Is that what it means?
_Dunno... that’s what I would  want it to mean.
-It doesn’t make sense
_Why not?.. you can make sense of a lot of things if you just try to see it a certain way.
-But if they are NOT that way.
_Sometimes you have to chose the way they are.
-I guess I loved my Pop a lot then.
-Of course you did... SEVEN.. your record today.

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