Monday, November 30, 2015

LA sketch of a sketch of a sketch

LA sketch  of a sketch of a sketch
This is more a sketch of a sketch of a sketch..
Saw this amazing light this morning and didn’t want to forget so I did a quick “sketch of a sketch of a sketch” to remember what I saw.
I’m posting this because someone asked me how I start my sketches.
I start them a thousand ways, but one thing I tend to do when I start is that I am unafraid of doing unpretty drawings! The reason I point this out is because so often I’ll see a portfolio for review, or a younger artist who just wants to do pretty drawings. if you only do these pretty/correct/awesome looking drawings, you are stopping yourself from exploring and discovering the world around you.
I don’t think I know a single artist who knows how to draw EVERYTHING from the get go. You always have to do some thinking, some searching...and that means exploring areas you don’t know and can’t draw properly.

Anyhow.. to make a long story short...allow yourself to not know sometimes.. it makes discovering so much funner.

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