Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Cole Valley express

Cole Valley express
#pascalcampion #train #sketch
It’s funny how this sketch took me twenty five minutes, and I like it a thousand time more than others that I spend more than an hour on... something happens when your brain is relaxed and just doesn’t give a sh.t... all of sudden, your inner artist becomes bolder and takes chances and leaps , and allows itself to be silly, nonsensical and daring. 
It might not be the type of image that other people would necessarily like the most, but it helps you as an artist to do things YOU enjoy rather than other people. I know I sometimes get too caught up in what I think people will want to see so once in a while I purposefully do something I don’t think people want to see short-circuits my brain for a minute and allows me to rediscover things.
I like this image because it’s completely straight ahead, and just gave me five new ideas for my actual work... so.. YEAH for going offtrack here and there!


Unknown said...

for going offtrack here and there ))

speak and paint always so nice,

l'esquisse comme d'habitude est magnifique !

pascal said...

Merci beaucoup Calypso!