Friday, March 23, 2012

Alice aux pays des Singes

My friend Nicolas Keramidas asked me a little while ago to do a piece based on his new and fantastic graphic novel, Alice in the land of Monkeys.
It is the first sketch I ten days and I feel very rusty. I'll probably have to do a new one.
Anyhow... HI everybody.
WOndercon was fantastic. Thank you to everybody that came by.


Aseph ( as-if ) :-) said...

Hey man it was nice meeting you at Con sorry about almost walking away with your art I was caught it the moment. Your artwork is beautiful!

Thanks again for signing our pieces as well!

pascal said...

Hey Aseph..ha.. no worries.. it does happen .
It was a pleasure meeting you!

Thomas Roisland said...

Great meeting you at WonderCon Pascal! Thanks for giving me and my friends from CalArts feedback for our portfolios. Very helpful. Your art prints are already up on our walls here :) Take care!

pascal said...

Hey Thomas.. good to hear from you. Ah.. thank you it was to see you guys as well