Monday, January 09, 2012

Night Life


Anonymous said... got too much of that SEMPOU .
And you got it with COMPOO- MARY PAT.
And she's got it with RITEPAT and STING, so go figure.
This is LAPRAP and PEDS mixed into one?
Because they are also saying that FREAKSB is in it ,too, and that's with GROSS- CRUISE- LADD- NYE- ROOT?
And SLARC is involved.
And they say it's a JONSO - CARYESS.
Can you confirm or deny for our movie " KANSAS KINGS"?
Better " HURE".
FELESE might beat you to it.
One more thing...we got the YARYP and SEACREST with RICK but now you got something else called YAPPRO?
He's your PR man for PEDOPHILIA?
he's into GERMAN SADISM with RISA and PLO?

Ken said...

Absolutely stunning! Lovely colours :)

Kathy Garvey said...

You are amazing. Love your compositions, the detail and the uniqueness of your style.

Gargee said...

Really loved the composition and colo combination....

Gargee said...

i m working with an animation studio as an art director in INDIA ....i m totally inspired by ur work...thnk u soo much...