Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy new year and a little info about the scribiling blog!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you guys from the two of us.( In this image, Matthieu did the girl and I did the background!)

This image is a way to end the first year of SCRIBILING and start the second one, with a whole new theme! We're going to explore the world in 2010!!
Each month, we'll pick a country, and we'll each do 4 images based on it.
should be very challenging, and a lot of fun as well!

Although I'll be gone visiting one of these places next week, I'll jump on this right when I get back! So, until then, have a GREAT new year's, and a fantastic start to 2010


Stevie said...

What a lovely painting!! your work is inspiring as always :) best of luck in the new year!

pascal said...

Thank you Stevie!
I just checked out your blog. You are incredibly talented.
Very inspirational to me! I'm adding you to my blog roll

damon said...

very nice

happy 2010

Algoine said...

Cette opposition réalité-affiche, me rappelle une illustration de ton compère Mathieu de Scribbling.
Elle est magnifique en tout cas ; et quel jeu de perspective !
Bonne année, Pascal :)

pascal said...

Merci Jean!