Tuesday, October 06, 2009

One half of a drawing

.... if you want to see the OTHER half of this drawing, go check it out on SCRIBILING!
( Sorry to do this to you guys, but i don't have time today to do two different images!)


Have a GREAT day!


Kendra Melton said...

I just saw your addition to the Purrcasso auction, LOVED it! Wonderful job!

pascal said...

I haven't done my piece for it yet...??
Do you mean that you saw the piece from last year? The two cats on the city background?

Jesse Winchester said...

NICE one here.

pascal said...

Thank you Jesse

Unknown said...

I saw this on Scribiling and thought it was really awesome! I love the glowy-soft focus :) Great job! Also I just saw the TMBG Here Comes Science DVD and saw your stuff in it! So cool!

pascal said...

Thank you Kat!

Craig Phillips said...

Cool! Love it

pascal said...

Thanks Craig