Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Have a good day

...just enjoy it!


Mehdi Shiri said...

woooooooooooa amazing work

captain bothari said...

les oiseaux sont très important dans illustres dis moi ...


jessicadrhp said...

there's something fresh about your sketches since you returned from the UK! cute profile picture by the way.

hans bacher said...

hi pascal, greetings from the philippines!
I have a new blog after the disaster with google. in case you are interested...
love your work, as always -
my best

jason hickman said...

Sweet dude!

pascal said...

Thanks guys!

Captain Bothari,
Oui! d'une maniere generale, les oiseaux ont une grande place dans mon imagination

Jessica.. Ah? Ha!
Good, right?

Hey Hans.. good to hear from's been a while!
I'm SO interested in your work!
SO so so interested