Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday Blues

One for the week.
I'll see you all next week, sometime!

Have a GREAT Monday, a GREAT week, and a fantastic ThanksGiving!



houseofduck said...

The Title reminds me of the Boomtown Rats song "I dont like Mondays"... Which I just recentlly found out was about a lady who shot up a school yard on a Monday Morning... and when asked why she did it she said..."I guess I just dont like Mondays..."

Your piece is much better then that story... To tell the truth I have no idea why I just wrote any of that...

Great work I always look forward to your posts!

Chris Houghton said...

Great sketch, always look forward to checkin' these out.

Kyle Marshall said...

Love this one, and nice simple palette.

jessicadrhp said...

love this!

DavidD said...
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DavidD said...

A bit dark for you I think. I love your work, Pascal. You have such a nice simple style and amazing color palettes.

One question: are you willing do little tutorial about your style of work. I would really like to see your techniques in action.


Joe Karg said...

Sweet approach. That is, if you were trying to do an awesome job.

Mette said...

oh boy, i miss you over at flight.

pascal said...

Thanks guys.
I was actually gone for quite a bit which is why i haven't replied at all.

If I get a little time over the xmas break,( assuming I will get a xmas break!), I'll definitely try to do a tutorial.

Thank you