Monday, September 10, 2007

Family trip

I was talking with my friend, the great illustrator Vincent Joubert, and he was showing me some of his work he did for some game company. It was a forest made in flash that looked like nothing I'd seen before. It just inspired me to do a tree filled background. Only after I'd don that, I realized I could put characters in them. So, there it is, a few dragons, a first date, some snows, and a gazillion trees.

Have a great Monday everybody!


RAWLS said...

Great stuff man...Love your use of colours and your animation. Keep up the good work!!


sarah said...

Hey Pascal! This is so wonderful. Love the way the trees really compliment everything.

I've had fun looking through your Oogly Boogly book lately too! Yay!

jessicadrhp said...

very sweet. the colours are just beautiful

jessicadrhp said...

and i really like the detail too haha. the snow and the car headlights. :)

pascal said...

Hey Guys, THANKS!
Rawls Thanks a lot. The funny thing is I do remember struggling so much with the technique of color when I was in school, you know, mixing gouache, and fixing stuff. I don't know where I'd be without computers..still doing pastels and colored crayons.(wait, that actually WAS fun too...)

SARAH..HAAAAAAAAAAAAa you know how to make me smile!

Jessicadrhp. I just checked your blog. Very nice. Good luck with that teacher off yours, and ..Mandarin? Sounds hard!

Doron Meir said...

Great stuff man, the charm and warmth of your work always seem to get through to my grumpy cynical heart :)