Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Comic con 2007

HI there!
Comicon is starting tomorrow. I'll be flying there and will have a table with my good friend Mike Daley http://biocreep.blogspot.com/

I'll be selling my new book Oogeley Boogeley number 2
Here's the cover of it and a link to a preview!

if you have time, you guys should come!


Link http://pascalcampion.com/oogeley2.swf


mike said...

aw. i won't be there but i WANT ONE.

have fun, pascal!

Rico said...

How much is it? I have a friend who is going and I want her to pick one up for me.

Bryan! said...

where's your table located? i looked in the Events Guide that tells where everyone is but i didnt see either of your names. I want one, and if you have any of the old ones!

jessicadrhp said...

it fantastic. i love the detail, everytime i look at the preview i spot something on each page which makes the book all the more exciting. haha. congratulations! and hope your others find your book successful as well :)

Francis Vallejo said...

Best of luck with the book. I love the preview!! Some great design work. I love the shapes.

Ramon Mejia Jr. said...

Pascal, I need a copy of this book! Tell me how I can get one over here in New York..

Breadwig said...

So bummed I couldn't make the show. Double bummed now that I've seen your book.

pascal said...

Thank you everybody!
Mike, Sarah has a book for you.
Rico, I'm sold out. I'll need to reprint a good amount soon. I'll place the order in later in the week when I get a better idea of how many I should be getting. They went for 20 dollars at the con!

Bryan. We were at table H11, right next to John Nevarez. The table was under my name. Strange that you didn't find it

Jessica. THANK you!

Francis Thanks a lot

Ramon. As I was saying, I'm sold out. BUT, I will order some more in a bit.

Breadwig. HAAAAAAAAAa that's too bad I would've loved to meet you