Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hotel de la Plage.

Hotel de la Plage.
Quick ones ..busy again... By the way.. when I say quick ones and you see a fully drawn image and you’re could he do with more time.. let me explain this.
Even when I do a quick image, I try to draw it well. The time does not go into the rendering for me.. it goes into the thought behind the composition, the subtle shades of light and colors , the impact of the story.. all these little invisible details that make the difference between a good piece and a great piece( I was just talking about this with my friend Tom Fluharty last night in fact).
So.. a quick one for me is mainly an image that is nice but not necessarily thought out or worked out as much in the story department or the emotional charge.. just as an FYI!

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calypso v said...

Even a "good ones" seems very-very well ;)