Tuesday, September 02, 2014

The next Great American Story.

The next Great American Story.
#pascalcampionart #IloveKansas

_Don't worry Charlie..they're just like us..looking for a place in the sun and their next meal.

For the little story... When I first moved to the states, in 2000 I was staying with my brother Sean right outside of Kansas City. In order to drive into town, we had to go through those vast plains, with almost nothing there. In the winter, you'd be driving by all those white fields, and one would be entirely black.. covered with birds that would fly off when you would drive by too close. It was( is) incredibly impressive and magical( to me). I always wanted to be able to capture that..so.. in essence, this image is 14 years in the making and I still don't think I captured the grand , beautiful beauty of it. Maybe in another 14 years?
Thanks Sean, I owe you!( Big time)

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