Sunday, September 21, 2014

Morning sketches.

 Morning sketches.
Trying out different brushes, different things. I've noticed that since I've switched my set up around I've been having a hard time getting into a flow for my daily sketches. I thought I would just do a bunch of fast sketches, using different brushes, different approaches, and just see what happens.
I might do that for a while actually.... just as a FYI


paweł miedziński said...

This black and white sketch is wonderful

Bethany said...

the first one feels much more intimate for some reason, and it still has your style of composition too. its striking and feels new..... i'd want to see it fleshed out w color and detail!

Taylor S Smith said...

Very cool! Thanks for sharing your experimental work and inspiring other artists to keep experimenting themselves.

(The first one is my favorite!)