Thursday, May 01, 2014

The kiss

The kiss. _I love you. _ I love you more... _..And I love you even more.. _ Ho, John...I could not live withou... STOPPPPPPPPPPPPP!! _Max? _Daddy... this is boring.. _What? _Can you draw me a dinosaur? _Wait, _A BIIIIIIIG Dinosaur that SMASH.. _hmm.. how about this..? _WOW.. YOU'RE THE BEST DADDY IN THE WHOLE WILD WORLD. _It's WIDE world Max... _IN the WHOLE WILD WORLD! _...Max, I love you. _I luv you too daddy! ...And this how Action Romantic Comedies get made... I'm pretty sure... #pascalcampionart


Kevin said...

Hohohoooo! That's the BEST! I didn't even notice the monster at first, I had to do a double take after reading your caption.

pascal said...

Thanks Kevin!