Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Saturday morning, 2012

#pascalcampionart. This one is an old one.. I just got a little too busy this morning to do a new one, and while I was looking around for old files, I came upon this one and thought..ha.. I liked that one.. I didn't like it when I did it, but now, with the years in between, I like it. I know it's pretty typical, but .. I am always surprised how this works. For instance.. I don't "love" much of the stuff I've done this year, and I was feeling the same last year, and the year before, and the year before that... but that is just because I have an image in my head and when I fail to recreate the exact same thing on paper( or on the screen) I feel like I totally failed... and don't bother to see all the new things that have crept in and that are actually pretty good... and most of all, as artists, we have this awful tedency to think ONE detail that is a little off will ruing the ENTIRE image, even( especially) when this detail has nothing to do with the actual message of the image...for example.. I really wasn't happy with how the images on the dresser came out in this one at the time, and how the shoes ended up being drawn... but now, I many people actually took notice of that? How many people cared? I am just saying this because so often I see younger artists( or not that young) fuss over this or that detail, or how their bounce lights are not that great, or how their colors are sooooooo off... but if they just wouldn't say anything about it and let the audience just enjoy the image for the message it has, they might realize , in the bigger scheme of doesn't matter . That's just my opinion anyhow. I am looking at this piece and thinking...ha.. pretty good, pretty good... I still am not totally ok with some of the details, but that's the same with everything in life.. nothing and nobody's perfect... and sometimes these little imperfections are part of the charm... no?


Joe said...

My Illustration instructor at Rasmussen gave us the link to your site and man I really enjoy your work. I love the colors and the style and most importantly I really like how you honor your family in your work. Just some awesome stuff, even if you only end up liking it years from now, it's very inspiring for aspiring designers/illustrators like me.

COCO JZ said...

Doesn't take much to be happy, does it?
Wishing your Mrs a very happy Mother's Day on Sunday, P.
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Duane Lambe said...

Human brains are are around 70% efficient, so they say; whatever the case, not 100% efficient.

Looking at the art for a long time - while you're making it - burns the image in your memory, and with your earned art skills, I imagine /all/ you would see is the errors after awhile.

So, programmatically-speaking, I think what's happening, is that you're giving your brain time to forget the details - as almost all brains do, after sufficient time - and upon seeing it again, I'm betting you initially forgot you drew it, immediately remembered, then were delighted, then satisfied and justified about that image, berating yourself slightly for being so hard on yourself, and then felt so much better about the picture that you engaged in "show and tell", which is a terrible name for _the_ favorite pass-time of humanity.

Take that, run-on sentences.

Anyway, same principle for a song, show, movie, book, etc. that you haven't seen in a long time: the details always get forgotten.