Thursday, September 27, 2012

the route

This one is more of a test than anything else really. Most days, when I bike back and forth from work, I see my shadow on the ground and it feels like an invisible friend is riding with me. It's great feeling but hard to describe. I know I can draw the scene well enough, but the difficult aspect here is to convey more than just the ACTION that is happening.. Conveying a sense of bonding, a certain Nostalgia( I've had this feeling since I was a kid, riding my bike in the South of France) , happiness , sun etc etc. I don't think I've succeeded in what I was trying, but I've gotten somewhere....a lot like the foliage test I did a few months back and I'd like to try this again, or something similar, and come back to this one in a few month and see how I have progressed. I think these types of test are important to do as if you want to push yourself to grow as an artist and a storyteller! Anyhow..have a great day.


Snoopy381 said...

Beautiful picture. A good day to you too sir.

A Long-time follower.

Colette Just for Foodies said...

Beautiful lighting.

Dunk said...

maybe the shadow could wave at the rider or something? If you wanted to show the friendship between them more.
Love your work.

Burun Estetigi said...

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