Tuesday, September 18, 2012

CGMA Master Class Tutorial

...or " How do I do my daily sketches". Hi Guys, I just finished a video explaining the whole process, from scratch to end ,with commentaries about how I did this image here. The video will be available for download from cgwmonline at noon, today( Tuesday September 18) Here is a link to it http://www.cgmwonline.com/workshops.html Also. Saturday, the 22nd, at 1 pm pacific time, I will be doing a live Q&A through CGMA as well. Hope to see you there . A perfect afternoon


Anonymous said...

mêmes images que dans le très beau Sunny Side acheté ce week-end a Paris ?

Encore bravo !

J'attend ma dédicace !

Dominique Lefilleul

Dawei said...

hi mate, do I have to pay to watch pr download the video? I couldnt find the link there

pascal said...

Dominique..oui.. le meme principe.
Dawei..yes, it is a paying download

Dawei said...

thanks for let me know, i ll get it today.