Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Mister Freeze



Lovely colors!

pascal said...

Thank you

Chase Standley said...

everyday, I look at your stuff and its always wonderful:) thanks for the consistent inspiration.

damon said...

i like

joel bullis said...

Awesome lighting!
Hey, I was in one of the classes that Bryan Ballinger teaches, and I really appreciated you talking to us. I really appreciated the insight in using flash as an illustration tool. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey Pascal

Like Joel, I'm also in Ballinger's class and wanted tos ay thanks for talking to us. I really love your illustration style.

I was inspired by your "Drawing a Day" idea, and decided to start doing it myself; I'm only a few days in, and they're still pretty crappy because I'm just taking an hour in the morning to do one before I do anything else in the day, but if you're ever bored and just feel the need to help a young, aspiring artist become better, I'd be happy to hear any critiques you have or thoughts on how to improve.
My blog is http://colephillips.wordpress.com.

Thanks again for showing us your work in class!

pascal said...

Thanks guys!
Cole.. I'll take a look at your stuff!

Bhavin said...

I like the color theme of ur every sketch. I tried to make exact copy of ur colors in order to learn colors theme and match in Photoshop but just cannot get it right at all. How much time u spend on an avg on each graphic from start to finish??
Thanks for ur lovely drawings and podcasts