Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Replacements

Even Santa Gets sick sometimes!


Jean said...

M-mmm... M-mais il est passé où le bébé tigre ????
Et voilà et voilà, suffit que je m'absente quelques semaines et c'est le bazar sur ce blog !! :D
Bon, vous l'avez déplacé où, le bureau de réclamation ?? :D

Muffin said...

hoooooooow.. do you do it. :) Gosh.

carl said...

so much energy and fun from this piece. I absolutely love it.

kidfrodo.com - my sketchblog

Kendra Melton said...

Happy way to start a day.

the lexophile said...


I just have to say thank you. I can always count on you to improve my horrible, no good, awful, stressful days. These images have such a positive energy to them, they always make me smile. Silly monkeys. :)

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pascal said...

Le tigre est quelque part dans le bus..mais on ne le voit pas!


Carl. Thank you

Kendra. Thank you

The Lexophile. I'm sorry you had a bad day, but I'm glad I can help you make it a better one!

Can you PLEASE stop posting on my blog?

matthieu said...


pascal said...

Merci Matthieu!