Friday, September 04, 2009

A few more doodles

...I'm still too busy to full colored images right now, so here are a few more train sketches.
One based on San Francisco, and the other two, again, on Strasbourg!

San Francisco by night.... there's something incredibly magical about this city!

Le Boulevard de Lyon... this is pretty much a view from the balcony of my room, as a student, in Strasbourg. I lived on the Boulevard the Lyon( among other places!), a major avenue in the city.

Grand Rue

There was this long long long cobble stone street that went from almost downtown to the river.. It was full of shops, restaurants, laundromats, and..cobbles.. lots and lots of cobbles.
I'd walk it almost everyday!

Also, on Scribiling, more images today!
Go check them out!


Unknown said...

beautiful again! really like the top one-amazing mood to it-can feel the snow falling and the cool air
I remember how happy that first snowfall made me as a kid
thnx for sharing!


vincent said...

Je suis d'accord. la 1ere est vraiement super. Un petit truc en plus indescriptible.

Haylee said...

Very enchanting. I believe that monochromatic pieces sometimes have more power than color. These certainly have that.

Great work, my friend!

Ken Knafou said...

Love the lighting on the second one. Awesome

Ken Knafou said...
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annucool15 said...
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annucool15 said...

someone forwarded me and i loved it like hell... tried hard to find who created it and reached your blog! damn you are super creative. do u mind if i mention about and your site on my blog

pascal said...

Thanks guys!
Anuradha...please, feel free to post about it. I'd be honored!

Unknown said...

Love the first one...nice composition

pascal said...

Thank you Nearchos