Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Have a great Wednesday!


Ryan Green said...

I love the different poses of the birds...almost like one is animated through the scene.

Sorry we didn't get to chat more at the Con. We didn't want to fan-block you. :)

Juan Bauty said...

O_O A masterpiece every day..... how you make it?

damon said...


victoriaying said...

Nice! really beautiful piece!

rina said...

aww, very cute :) the colours and the atmosphere are beautiful.

Paule T.B. said...

are you craving fall too?

pascal said...

Thank you. yeah.. When I didn't see you guys come back, i was actually bummed!

thank you. Just one a day. Start small but do it regularly. It's just like running, or biking, or any kind of exercising, except that it's your imagination.

Damon Thank you

Victoria Thank you very much.
I really like your stuff a LOT.

Rinaj Thank you

Paule... no, not really. It's just that I was in San Diego for a week, and, coming bask to San Francisco after being in the sun for seven days, feels like I just got dropped in the middle of a cool autumn day!

Craig Phillips said...

Nice! Love the light! Love the trees!

pascal said...

Thanks Craig