Friday, June 12, 2009

Hot Tubbing in Tahoe

Have a GREAT ( and relaxing) weekend!


tera said...

I wanna go... It looks perfect!

pascal said...

You should go! It really looked like that( more or less!)
Tahoe is such a charming place!

Jean said...

mais c'est les pointillés de la route qui vont jusqu'à la maison ? Génial !! Trop bon !! :D

joshua wysocki said...

great design and colors on this one!

Muffin said...

siiiigh. :D

i want to go there!

jessicadrhp said...

Oooooo! wish i cld go to!

michael robertson said...

wow! what beautiful atmospheres you achieve in your work... great characters,too.

Mark aguilar said...

Hello Pascal,

I am a very big fan of your work. It is very inspiring. In order to become a better artist myself, I like to study their work. I try to paint the picture myself, in hopes of understanding the artist's approach to his or her own work.

But I also love to ask. Who were your influences?

pascal said...

thanks guys

jean.. oui, oui.. ca ressemble quand meme pas mal a la maison dans laquelle on est restee le weekend dernier!

Mark. Thank you.
I have so many influences it would be hard to write them all here.
But, I do love storytellers in general.
Wether it be in art, literature, music, or any thing else.