Friday, March 13, 2009

Labyrinth bookstore

Labirynth is a COOL book store in Canada that carries a lot of very nice art books, comics, french graphic novels and other goodies( Ho, and they also have some copies of my Oogeley Boogeley 4 !
You should totally check them out( and get a copy of my latest book of sketches!)


Cheers, and have a great weekend!


Muffin said...

OOh nice. :) I'm crazy about book stores. Especially the old or quirky ones. I can look for the perfect book for hours! I love this drawing, Pascal. :)

Dusik said...

hey thanx! i live in toronto, i didn't know about this book store!

i only knew about indigo

Javier M. said...

Cool looking! How long did this one take you to accomplish?

lorelay bove said...

I love the dark against the light so bold!

Pop9 said...

Just fantastic.

Kei Acedera said...


Jean said...

J'aime beaucoup. J'adore l'ambiance. Et le lieu ! On rêve d'y aller ! :D
C'est quoi à droite, un petit fantôme ? Lé démon familier des lieux. Il semble un peu transparent, mais quelles quenottes ! :D

sterling said...

I just discovered your site and your work is absolutely amazing. I know you were at Wondercon, do you think you will be at San Diego? Again awesome work.

pascal said...

Thanks guys.

Muffin.. it's so so so good to read you again!

Dusik.HA.. I don't know about a bookstore called Indigo..I know a cool BAR called Indigo's though.

Javier.. this one was longer than the others.. a few hours at least.

Lorelay. Thank you . I absolutely adore your work as well.

Pop (^_^)

Kei, Thank you

Jean Merci. Le petit gars a droite, c'est la mascotte de Labyrinth. Dan, le patron du magasin m'avait demander de lui faire un petit dessin ( C'est un ami!) et je me suis dit que ca lui ferait plaisir d'avoir sa mascotte dedans!

Sterling. Yup, I will be in San Diego , sharing a table with Mike D!
See you there

RAWLS said... buddy Dan runs that store! He was even selling books when we were in class together at Sheridan! Can't wait to see the book.

pascal said...

You know Dan! That's so cool. Dan is an incredibly nice guy!