Monday, March 09, 2009

Bedtime story

Have a Great Monday.


Jean said...

Merci ! Toi aussi ! ^^

Ness said...

So Beautiful :)

Pop9 said...

Yeahhh. One more story, please.

Javier M. said...

is the patchwork on the blanket time consuming? Love the mood you created here?

Louis-Philippe said...

Waah! C'est tellement rare de voir des compositions verticales sur ton blog!

Celle-ci est particulièrement superbe.


Tooninator said...

great moment.

pascal said...

Thanks guys!

Javier. It was actually the one element that took the longest!

Louis Philippe... oui, hein? J'aime bien ce format en ce moment!

Dusik said...

i love this one. i just studied it for a while, admired how skilfully you arranged all the pieces and how i had no doubt what is what (i.e. i instantly recognized a laptop)


pascal said...

you know, Dusik, I absolutely LOVE what you just wrote about aranging the elements. I take great care in trying to make all the elements as readable as I can in an image, so that people don't have to decipher the image, but can just get right to the content of it.
I'm so happy you mentioned it!
Cheers to that!