Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Potential Oogeley Boogeley 3 cover? EDIT

.I'm doing some test for the cover for the next Oogeley Boogeley book.
Like the last two, it'll be a long format.
This is my first test. I like the idea, but I'll keep searching..if anything, this is a fun image!

For a little while here, I'll be transitioning from sketch of the day to , I dunno.. sketch of the every two day? week?...It'll be a little bit before I get a new "routine" going, plus, I'm getting ready for comic con, and i do have quite a bit of work to do as well ... as usual

Have a GREAT Day!


Thanks for the ton of email on that cover. It was just a first idea, but the more I looked at it, the less I liked the color, and Tony's comment was spot on..not right for a cover. If I want to make more of an impact, I need something more"vibrant"
here's a redesign of it..still not finished but...


Tony C. said...

Though this sketch has the all the fun qualities of your work, I don't think it works for a cover. The color choices are unique, but don't have the strength of the yellow and red on your previous cover.

Just my two bits! Keep the sketches coming as often as you can!

pascal said...

You're totally right Tony.
I'm realizing this now..I might reuse it for something else, but it definitely does not have the impact that I'm looking for in a cover!
Thanks for the feedback!

MiniKim said...

Trop adorable !

On pourra se le procurer au Canada ?
(ou peut être que je peux tenter un "échange" avec mes albums...)


pascal said...

Pheww..OK.. I made an edit .. a different color. a little ore vibrant.
Obviously, this is still a research thingy and still needs some work. Ok.. zoo..back to real work now!

ah bin oui, carrement.. un echange serait super sympa!

Chantale Boudreau said...

Très cute! J'aime mieux la version rouge... Ca a plus de punch!!! :)

Chris said...

I agree the red version is great! Excellent drawing (s) Pascal and I can't wait for the new book. And congrats a thousand times on 1000 =O skeches!! What an achievment!

Ben Wood said...

Thanks for the comment you left on my blog regarding my work! And a big congratulations on the BIG 1001 illustrations!

Yes I agree with the above comments regarding the new cover idea. But L.O.V.E LOVE your color choices...hmm.

bannister said...

I like the red one !

pascal said...

Thanks guys!
Ben Wood...which comments are you agreeing with? Tony's or...??

Nicolas.. (^_^) Merci!

Ben Wood said...

oops. Tony's comments he he

Anonymous said...

Hello!My name is Christine.I am looking for artists to join my 100 animals in 100 days blog. :) If you are interested, pls. let me know.


MiniKim said...

Ahhhh Trop bien :D
On se tient au courant pour la publication !!!


(trop contente)

RAWLS said...

1000!?!?...that sure is a lot of sketches my friend!! Great job...I`m in awe...thats a lot of pages to choose from for a book!! Kudos to you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pascal,

Just to give you more info, it is a blog where artists can draw and post a 100 animals in a 100 days. Any animal and style is welcome. You can post as often as you like-daily or at least once a week.


Krystal said...

I would buy the hell out of this book :D

And I also prefer the brighter, more colourful cover.

Alina Chau said...

beautiful design!

pascal said...

Hey.. THANKS Guys!

I'm low on posts right now, I know, but that's only because I'm working really hard on some other cool stuff! ..and.. after a 1001( actually, its alread a 1007 now) sketches, I think I can take a breather, no?