Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The perfect view

I wanted to do another one like the cops and robbers one from yesterday, but I ran out of time. ( Another very busy period), so this will have to do.
Have a GREAT day.


Tor Harald said...

I wonder how you got time to draw all the trees and cows down there, it don`t look like a fast job.
But I like it, it feels like flying above like in goggle-earth. ^___^

Question: Why is all the American websites and forums not updated this week?

captain bothari said...

toujours de très grande volée
ma gni fi que !!!

Simon Scales said...

some great stuff here lately Pascal
really love seeing your skecthes - -you have an awesome sense of composition!!!!

pascal said...

(^_^) Thanks Guys.

You're right, it does take a little time to draw the cows and trees, but, the main difference with drawing characters, is that I don't have to think about it. It's like a scribble, where as I need to really think about my characters are doing when I do multiple ones on a page.

Captain. Marrant...Merci!

Simon. Thanks man. Love your stuff too!