Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Little red ridding test

I was trying to do some mixed media test... I'm only SO SO with it, but, hey, it's a start!

have a GREAT day.


S.T. Lewis said...

These are both great. I love the design and limited color on them. Really nice work.

Pop9 said...

Superbe, très beau boulot.

captain bothari said...

wouaaaa !!!


heri said...

Always checking your beautiful work, these are great, are you going to finish them?


Jason Blower said...

I like the red riding hood one, the colours create some great focal points, and contrasts.

pascal said...

Hey guys, thanks.
I'm not thathappy with the colors on either, I think it lacks refinement, but, that's what one of the things I like about sketches of the day...I'm allowed to "try".

Heri. know, I was thinking about it for a sec..but I think I'll leave these as they are. I might come back later, once I'm done with all the rest and revisit that though

bannister said...

ça marche pas mal je trouve.
Peut-être atténuer un peu la "noirceur" des arbres, mais sinon le mélange des deux promet de belles choses pour le futur.

Kristin said...

Ooooh...I love the one with the birds. At first glance at the thumbnail, I thought they were scattered brown leaves on the trees. Imagine my delight when I took a peek at the full-size image and saw a flock of birds! Your work is always so much fun and so beautifully composed. Even quick studies and experiments are great to post- thanks for sharing.

p.s. You mention that you're not that happy with the colors. I wonder how the Red Riding Hood piece would feel if you brought down the saturation on the character colors, just a bit. Great narrative!

pascal said...

Ah oui.. tiens.. c'est bete, mais j'y avais pas penser. J'etrais trop concentre sur la partie flash..
Faudra que j'essaie ca.

Kristin. Thank you! I agree.. the saturation is a little too high. Then again, I'm not super happy with the colors. The reason being that they don't seem to marry themselves well with the rest. Anyhow.. first try!

Ho.. and.. te birds in the foliage? That was the first effect I was trying to do.. but wasn't completely satisfied. I was wondering if anybody would figure that one out...YOU did. YEAHHHH

Kevin Barber said...

Fantastic staging.