Thursday, August 23, 2007

The trip

Still super busy. I can't complain. For a freelancer, being this busy is heaven. I think I'm still trying to learn how to handle it all, but, wow, it's a lot of work.
Which, sometimes makes me want to be somewhere else....Hence, this image.

Have a GREAT Thursday!


Sam Nielson said...

This one is incredibly good! Also, I love your pencil work just as much as your color. Please post more!

cancer said...

excellent composition!
nice colors and mood!

Wagner said...

The only reason you're super busy is because you're super talented, man.

BTW, do you color your work with photoshop?

Jimena Sanchez said...

I really loved this one. :)

pascal said...

(^_^) Thanks guys!

Wagner. This is all flash

Josh Parpan said...

oh wow Pascal, this is an amazing image! You've outdone yourself!