Monday, August 27, 2007

Egg Hunt

Hello Everybody. Hope you all had a great weekend. We saw Super Bad this weekend at the movies, and, wow, it was so funny. very much in the vein of knocked up, but cruder.
A good movie if you want a good laugh.

Here's a piece I did based on the theme of dragons, for one of the phenomenal Bobby Chiu's books. I like it, but I'm not sure how well it would fit in the book. I might do a few to try out. So, there might be more dragon stuff coming up, who knows?

Have a GREAT Monday


Mick said...

oh yes my goodness yes indeed.. thoroughly inspiring as always. I remove my hat to you Pascal then i put back a smaller hat as a show of reverence

Bobby Pontillas said...

this rocks! and yes, so did Superbad.

mike said...

wow. LOVE this! the whole atmosphere is fantastic. and so cinematic with those letter box bars. :)

i have one of chiu's faerie books and think it's wonderful. and i second the superbad hillarity!

jessajune said...

Just discovered your site and wanted to say I'm really enjoying your work. Thank you for sharing it!

pascal said...

Thanks Guys

Unknown said...

Looks great! I'm sure whatever you choose to put in will be wonderful