Friday, August 03, 2018

Up for a midnight swim?

Up for a midnight swim?
Still playing around and exploring stuff.. colors mainly and body shapes. 
Someone asked me if I liked drawing naked people because of all the drawings from the past year. My first impulse is to say no.. but. actually.. yeah, I do!
I love drawing bodies, people in general, even if I feel like I am not all that good. I usually prefer stories that are based on human emotions and because of that I will have a lot of bodies. I tend to do them clothed most of the time but when I do my sketches, they are all just naked shapes. The reason I am writing this here is because I feel that being honest with oneself is pretty important if we want to grow as artists, and recognize our tendencies, whether we like them or not. 

We are our worse critic and I think we have a very critical look not just on the graphic style of our work but also on it’s content!

Again.. that’s just me and that’s just another sketch.


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Unknown said...

" I usually prefer stories that are based on human emotions..": it's why I am such a fan of your work! Well, aside from obvious talent and aesthetic, that is. Keep doing as you do; I check this blog every morning at work to start my day. Thank you for sharing!