Sunday, April 15, 2018

The game.

The game.
This is one is a little strange ... It started yesterday when I was hanging out at the carnival with my son. When he was a baby, I was always so big and strong for him, but yesterday he was able to make me work hard and even beat me a few times. I also got tired as the afternoon went one when he seemingly had gained energy. It was a strange feeling and the very first time I experienced this shift.... it is strange, scary but also in an weird weird way it is giving me a sense of peace because he’s turning out to be an incredibly decent kid.
That’s all.



Anonymous said...

Some people came into your life as a blessing; But some came into your life as a lesson. It’s also called a circle; And I’m waiting for that day to come for you in the near future.

Tan Rezaei said...

This is some incredible work. Are most your illustrations digital?