Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Catching up

Catching up
... a few more inches and you’ll be tall like daddy!

Ok.. so.. this morning, Max woke up early and came to see me( I wake up earlier than everybody so I can get some work done in the morning).
I was at the computer and Max wanted to show me the Mixels he really likes( I think he believes that if he tells me a hundred times a day that he really likes something I will get it for him..hahahaha.... oh.. poor child...) so I told him to get on my laps to show me... and that’s when it hit me. HE’s HUGE!! I keep drawing him as a little kid in my images, and I do the same for COlin and Lily, but..man, these kids are HUGE now.
So.. I just wanted to make an image to show this and kind of ..move on from the little phase.
I feel like I’ve been drawing us the way we were ten years ago, but we really don’t look like that anymore( except for my wife who doesn’t seem to age for some reason!)
Anyhow.. that’s just the little explanation for this one..in case you wanted to know.

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