Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Just because it’s fun.

Just because it’s fun.

-Dad... why do you go fishing so often?
-Because I like it.
- No, I mean.. WHAT do you do it for?
-Because it’s fun.
-No, no.. I mean.. what’s it going to get you? how is it going to help you in life?
-It’s not.. it’s just fun.
-.. and that’s enough?
-It’s enough to me!  Sometimes you want to figure out why you do things and sometimes you just want to do them.
- I don’t get it.
-Someday you will.
- I love you.. you’re strange, but I love you
-I love you too.

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IQ © said...

Haha this one was cute! Usually it's parents/relatives who ask these impossibly insane and annoyingly practical questions.