Thursday, February 04, 2016

Big Talks

Big Talks
#pascalcampion #Fatherandson
-I just like being with you.
-I like being with you too.
-Can I stay with you forever?
-I don’t know if you’ll stay with me forever Max, but I’ll be with you Forever and ever.
-How many sleeps is that?
-A gazillion billion trillion
-Is that more than 3 sleeps?
-Yes it is.
-Wow.. that’s a lot of sleeps daddy!

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Whenever you draw something

I can just play out the scene in my head and it's so warming omg

The dark green and the oranges in the picture are so complementary, I suck at light sources and this is so beautiful - the pictures with the families always make me want to have that kind of relationship if I ever have kids or a family like that

this really captures what it feels like to be a child and to be always in the light

like there's literally nothing to worry about, you're with your dad and you're talking about things that matter to a child, it's so happy