Thursday, October 15, 2015

Break of dawn

Break of dawn
Lately I’ve been working with some amazing artists, great designers and painters and it’s made me think a little( a LOT) more about how I do things.
I never thought I was a great artist but more of a storyteller using images to tell stories... and it’s still true.  But these days I’m thinking that I could always use some improvement with my actual art.... so I’ve been practicing a bit quicker things , using less brushstrokes, less colors, more colors, different themes that I am not comfortable with ( like this one)... not because I necessarily want to change what I do, but mainly because I strongly believe that the more I know , the better I am at comprehending what I do.
It’s like each time I try something different, go somewhere I haven’t gone before, it gives me a different vantage point on to what I do naturally and makes it clearer to me.
And... if nothing else, it’s just a lot of fun.


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Sandra Brovold said...

wow, i love that one, took me a second to see that she was sitting, amazing :)

Frank Summers said...

Good post and well said.