Friday, April 24, 2015

Artistic development.

Artistic development.
#pascalcampion #museums

I know there is an actual photograph that is pretty popular going around that is the same thing, but I keep seeing this over and over again, whether it’s in a museum, coffee place, supermarket, street, everywhere.( and I am pretty guilty of it myself!).. so.. here it is!
Also,, on a different note. We're moving this weekend, so there won't be any new stuff for the next couple of days .
This one is a fast one before I shut down.. I wasn't going to use my images again in the back, but I just don't have time right now for more.
The characters are a little blockier than usual because I used a square brush since that was the last setting on photoshop and I didn't bother change it. I'm saying this because so often I am asked what tools and brushes and effects and tablets I use to do my sketches, when really, it doesn't matter all that much( it matters to a degree.. it would be hard to do color work with something that has NO colors,'s just a tool)
Have a great weekend.

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