Thursday, December 11, 2014

It's complicated

It's complicated.

-Dad, I think I'm in love.
_Ha ha! Who's the lucky one?
-? the lucky one?
-Who is the person you think you're in love with. That's what I meant
-Well, it's Erica.
-Erica? From misses Burke's class?
-Hmm mm.
-I think I want to marry her and live with her in a house next to you and mommy.
-Don't you think you should get to know her a little bit more before you marry her?
-Well..she loves me too, so I think we're good.
-How so?
-Love is all we need , right?
-.... hmmm.
-No, it's not.
-It's not?
-Love is the beginning. What you need now is to work at it.
_Work at what?
-Mainly on yourself I would say, but also on getting to know each other, learning to listen to one another, and figuring out if you like each other as much as you love one another.
-Love is what makes you want to do these things... it doesn't do it for you. I have to
-It sounds so complicated.
-You don't say.


Balbylon said...

Sure. It's complicated.

After 15 years with my wife, I am still trying to understand all sides of married life.
And I work everyday.

Hélène said...

My husband and I are often thinking about what to tell to our children about love.

We were only told of the good parts, but not at all of the difficulties and energy you have to put in it to succeed.

It's hard to balance between telling the truth and not discouraging.