Thursday, August 07, 2014

The best ball game.

The best ball game.
_ That was awesome Pop.
_ Yeah.. that was fun_
_ Yes?
_ When I grow up, will I be just like you?
_ Ha.. you will be your own person..chances are you'll be taller than me and smarter too.
_ But Pop..
_ Hu hu..
_ I want to be JUST like you.

We are now down to 20 hours left for my #3000Moments Kickstarter campaign
I am not sure what else to say at this point... THANK YOU SO SO much everybody. This has been and is amazing.  Because of your support we've learned a lot, been challenged a lot and are now able to spring forward new projects that I have always wanted to launch.  Frankly I cannot wait to get to you the extras and stretch goal items we met from far exceeding our goals.... From seeing incredible art from my guest artists to my activity book, calendar and bookmark!  It's all too exciting and overwhelming... and so that means we have much much more work to do!  And thanks to your support we'll keep going!

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